Occupy Wall Street Returns. Friday, April 4!

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Occupy Returns! Friday, April 4!

Ladies and gentlemen, citizens of the world, the 99%: Occupy Wall St. returns on Friday, April 4, 2014.

And not for one day. But we’re starting with 3 months. Let’s call it a trial marriage.

After all, if it fails, the despotic corporate totalitarians who run the world will continue to steal our money and make everyone all too intimately familiar with the word “precariat.”

Here are 8 reasons why you should be thrilled with this, as I am:

The exciting details of Occupy, version 2, are here.

And here are my 8 reasons:

  1. I’ve been hoping that we can get our act together, as a society, to counter the 1%’s desire to keep us in our place. Forever.
  2. Last week, I was writing about how the prime minister fired his top minister because of public disloyalty over a terrible policy call family income splitting, how we need to stop obeying the rich [now!], how the 1% has been skimming productivity gains from most of us for the last 40 years, and how we’re all distracted by the childish antics in parliament so we would forget that they are the puppets of the 1%. All this, ALL this, is leading to more effective mobilization, starting this week!
  3. The police have been militarizing to keep the 99% in our place. And they’ve been glibly killing people. And crime has been going down but our police forces have been killing more of us than the terrorists: “The National Police Accountability Project’s Keller suggests that, along with the public’s acceptance of military-style policing, the killing of civilians has become more acceptable too.” We need to resist this.
  4. The government and the 1% are afraid of the people. Occupy didn’t just fizzle out. It was beaten down through a concerted effort based on fear of what happens when the people come together.
  5. The 1% hasn’t had Russell Brand killed yet. Which is good!
  6. Our children and grandchildren and all our descendants for the next 7 generations deserve some democracy and economic equality.
  7. Last time, Occupy was immature. It didn’t have the wisdom to properly engage with the civil society and political movements that seek justice in the world. And frankly, many organizations paid mere lip service to the movement, signing on as mere letterhead support without walking the talk. Well, we’ve seen a few more years of what happens when we just let the 1% rule over us. No more.
  8. If we don’t exercise our democracy, we deserve the soft fascism we’re sliding into.

So, if you’re in Vancouver, I’ll see you at the Vancouver Art Gallery on the Friday. And on the global conference call tomorrow morning at 10am.


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