Why Corporations Don’t Want Women In Charge

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It’s interesting to see how far we may have come with gender equity. And not. Men, formerly the head of the household, are now more likely to share authority with women at home.

But what about the most powerful organizations in society: corporations? What’s the role of women in leadership?

This great excerpt below is the tip of the iceberg. The free market will not naturally require corporations to have gender equity in leadership. Regulation can help. And sociologists can track the cultural shifts that occur when organizations “let” women take some leadership role.

And the companion links in the article below help supplement the whole discussion.

But if you think this is just whining and that there are more important issues in the world, you need to figure out that on the whole, even more than electoral politics, the collective decision-making style of the corporate sector is more influential on the fate of the world than anything else.

It’s not just uppity women looking for more options in life. It’s the uppity women who make some of the most significant change in society.

Just saying.

Ahead of their hyped IPOs, Facebook and Twitter had zero females on their boards. Both firms appointed women after a heaping of public criticism. In total, eight of 13 Silicon Valley companies that launched IPOs in 2013 had no women directors.

But while the challenge for some U.S. companies is even to get a single woman director, other countries have gone much further. In Norway, since 2006, about 500 public firms have had to comply with a groundbreaking law that set a hard quota of at least 40% female board members. If they failed to do this, they could be shut down.

Want More Independent Decisions? Put More Women On The Board | Co.Exist | ideas + impact.

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