Occupying Homelessness?

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Joe Hatch
Homelessness isn’t a policy thing regarding random people. It’s a thing for actual people. It’s not abstract, it’s in our face, yet we live in denial.

Clearly, I’m no brain surgeon. But if there are homeless people, a civilized culture would find a way to use a progressive tax system to house them. Simple.

Homelessness, however, is a magnet for reprobate poor bashers who are too greedy to part with their wealth [massive or otherwise] to solve a problem.

But guess what. Research shows it’s actually cheaper to simply house the homeless. Unless you secretly hate them, or are a supporter of the Conservative Party of Canada that rejects science, research and data from an ideological, ignorance-embracing stance.

It’s actually this easy:

Firstly, we need to think about occupying. It’s something we do to an agent that opposed equality or justice. Banks, Wall Street, neoliberal politicians, etc. But occupying can also be against a concept, like the abhorrence of homelessness.

New research has found it’s cheaper for governments to house homeless people with mental illnesses rather than pay for the problems associated with homelessness — including health care, policing and temporary shelters.

via Housing mentally ill homeless cheaper than alternative: study – Manitoba – CBC News.

So if you avoid embracing ignorance because truths and facts make you uncomfortable, you will respect the intelligent people who come up with research.

Then you will look at best practices and disgusting poor bashing behaviours elsewhere, then you will make reasonable policy choices. Even Republicans can do it!

See? Simple.

And if you can do math, it gets even easier!

Researchers found for every $10 spent on a housing-first approach, taxpayers saved $21.72 on other services.

And quite simply, the Conservative Party of Canada is one of the most fact-denying, poor bashing, anti-human governments in Canadian history. Imagine what a GOOD government could do for solving social problems. Just imagine!

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Stephen Elliott-Buckley

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Stephen Elliott-Buckley is a husband, father, professor, speaker, consultant, former suburban Vancouver high school English and Social Studies teacher who changed careers because the BC Liberal Party has been working hard to ruin public education. He has various English and Political Science degrees and has been writing political, social and economic editorials since November 2002. Stephen is in Twitter, Miro and iTunes, and the email thing, and at his website, dgiVista.org.

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2 thoughts on “Occupying Homelessness?”

  1. You should speak to members of the #Occupy community.

    Their #sleepfulprotest tactic & long term support of houseless has been helping people for 3 years.

    It also gave rise to #OpSafeWinter.

    Speak with us, We’d love to share our experience

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