Con MP Supports Action on Climate Change? What?

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Conservative MP Michael Chong is calling on the federal government to take action in the wake of a startling new report on climate change.What?




Could this be the end of the denial of science?

Chong for prime minister?


“This most recent report concludes that the warming of the planet due to emissions is ‘clear’ and ‘unequivocal,'” Chong said. “The report also concludes that without urgent action to reduce emissions, by the end of this century there is a high risk of severe, widespread, and irreversible damage due to extreme heat waves, more intense weather events, mass extinctions, coastal flooding, and crop failures.”

Chong said scientists have done their work, now politicians must do theirs.

“As a Conservative, I believe that we have a moral obligation to conserve our environment, so I call upon this government to meet its commitment to reduce emissions and I call on all governments meeting next month in Lima, Peru, and next year in Paris, France, to work together toward a new global treaty to reduce emissions,” he said.

Michael Chong: ‘We Have A Moral Obligation To Conserve Our Environment’.

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