Whitby-Oshawa Shows the Need for Active NDP-Liberal Cooperation

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The Pundits Guide has a spectacular analysis of what it takes to almost take out a strong Conservative seat in a by-election. See below.

It shows that a relatively weak NDP campaign with a very strong Liberal campaign almost is enough.

What more does it take?  Ask Nathan Cullen and others in the NDP and Liberal orbits who know that more actual NDP-Liberal cooperation and coordination is necessary to defeat the Conservatives. They won’t be decimated, but they will still be in government without far more intentional Anything But Conservative coordination in our broken electoral system.

If NDP and Liberal arrogance and devotion to the FPTP crap shoot of absolute power continue to remain too strong, we get more Harper, a privatized CBC, the end of Medicare, more bombing foreign nations to get Harper some more Tough Military Leader badges, and the end of most of the rest of our social programs.

Plus, since the Conservatives are criminals [the Party pleading guilty to election fraud, plus Dean Del Mastro], expect they’ll cheat again in the next election. That can’t help.

So. More coordination and cooperation, or Harper cheats his way to a second majority. And that would be on us.


Whitby-Oshawa, ON - Party Vote Share, 2000 - 2014

The Liberals certainly put in a herculean effort on the campaign, which paid off in a restored vote share and second-place standing as against their nemeses in the NDP (which presciently downplayed both its campaign efforts and expectations ahead of time).

Yet even draining the NDP of all but its most core base vote in this typical red-blue race in the 905 East, the Liberals were unable to pass the Conservatives, who again confounded Forum Research as they had done so many other pollsters in Ontario during the last federal election campaign with a substantial ballot-box bonus.

In other words, even though the Liberals have been successful in completely rebooting their field operations and adopting more modern campaign techniques for voter targeting, identification and GOTV, the Conservative ground game is still superior in Ontario and well capable of getting the job done, in spite of the Liberals’ superior penetration of the media spin game.

By-Election Shocker! Conservatives retain Whitby-Oshawa  ››  Pundits’ Guide.

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5 thoughts on “Whitby-Oshawa Shows the Need for Active NDP-Liberal Cooperation”

  1. The fact that the needed co-operation is unlikely to materialize is once more testament to the ultimate motivation of both the Liberal Party and the NDP: the acquisition of political power; clearly, the notion of the public good runs but a distant second, if it exists at all.

  2. Could not agree more. How, is the question. How can we pressure the Liberals, NDP, and Greens to commit to cooperate?
    I am stunned and furious that they have put their parties ahead of Canada’s welfare this long. A Twitter campaign of unforgettable blunt slogans? We need strategies and we need them now.

  3. Both Mulcair & Trudeau are committed to running 338 candidates each. After another false majority Harper win in 2015, they’ll have had enough sense beat into them to either merge or consider a scheme of non-competes in CPC held ridings in 2019

    1. if they go with a full slate this time, even with how awful canada has become under harper’s minorities and majority, i have no faith they’d adjust next time. one more harper majority and canada will be so hollowed out, i’m not sure we could recover.

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