How Selfish Are Old People?

-- Download How Selfish Are Old People? as PDF --’s not so cut and arid. It’s not like old people didn’t create EarthShip.

But this graphic, that’s not the only study that shows how younger people aren’t so yuppie, so individualist, so consumerist, so selfish.

If you don’t have enough under-40s in your life, work on it.

The fall of the Communist regimes of eastern Europe, with the consequent loss of influence of the parties of Marxist inspiration, gave even more relevance to anti-consumerism–and therefore to “consumerism”–in alternative discourse in a wide variety of forms and topical associations: from catastrophism and radical ecologism to the discourse of movements against climate change and a good part of the “sharing economy.”

via A brief history of contemporary “consumerism” and anti-consumerism.

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2 thoughts on “How Selfish Are Old People?”

  1. I take umbrage with your comments about seniors. All age groups have people who are selfish. Unfortunately, I won’t be around when you become “old”, and that is a pity because I would make a point of mocking you. And, by the way, as a retired English and social studies teachers, I am thankful you left the profession.

    1. i wasn’t talking about seniors, while i did note how elders have been responsible for things like EarthShip. take a look at the graphic to see how young it takes to be old and not so much into sharing. that’s old, and that’s me.

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