Why Are Capitalists So Lazy?

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... Conservatism is So Counterintuitive and Ideologues are Lazy, Part 2Entrepreneurialism, innovation, competition, insight, optimization, excellence?

These are the self-satisfying hallmarks of our jackboot triumphal capitalism.

But what’s with the laziest of the lazy capitalists?

You know, the ones who run the fossil fuel sector. The science is in. They’re causing much of the climate change we’re seeing, except of course for the spoutings of the scientists they pay to say it’s just that the sun is, you know, hot.

But if capitalism is supposed to be this wealth of innovation and better mouse traps, why are these lazy folks sitting around STILL extracting oil, gas and coal from the ground for easy profit when they should show us how awesome they are by spending probably less than a decade converting everything to green energy and leaving the rest of the carbon in the ground.

And despite how there are pods of eco-entrepreneurs all over the place who want to build the post-carbon energy infrastructure and keep capitalism alive, it’s them, the lazy energy ones, and the politicians they fund who are doing it to us. They’re not innovative. They’re:

a.) lazy,

b.) psychopaths,

c.) not all that bright, or

d.) is it that they just believe in optimization and utilitarianism SO MUCH that the most efficient thing to do is get every last drop of dinosaur tears out of the ground because their processing, energy and transportation infrastructure is already in place and it would mean dismantling it to build the post-carbon energy infrastructure? And who cares about the ecological consequences.

Or is it

e.) All of the above?

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