Science World Ignores Climate Science

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... Science World LNG seminars in Squamish Dec. 17. Photo by ChristineWell, why would you support something called Science World when it participates in a program to brainwash students into supporting the liquid natural gas industry, despite the science indicating how harmful it is to the world.

Climate change deniers deny science.

The BC government pretends to care about climate change but is roaring ahead with oil, gas, coal, pipelines and tankers. Pure hypocrisy. They think we’re stupid.

Science World, by joining in with the BC government pimping LNG to kids, has joined the wrong team.

Why would you go to a Science World that rejects the sociopolitical implications of climate science?

Don’t renew your membership. We’re not. That’s a boycott, folks! The first called of 2015.

Scroll down to read Science World’s rationalization for why they’re compromising their credibility so harshly. Prepare to facepalm.

By participating in these community seminars with Science World, the B.C. government is trying to sell the idea of the LNG industry to youth – I only wish they would teach young folks about the science of LNG’s environmental and climate impacts to the same degree.”

via Environmental groups demand an end to B.C. government – Science World partnership on LNG | The Council of Canadians.

“When the government first approached us, we debated long and hard about the reputation we do enjoy and would it be in danger at all through this participation, and clearly that is one of the possibilities, however on the other hand, the obligation we believe we have to chat with residents of B.C. about science and technology overcomes that,” Bryan Tisdall, Science World president and CEO, said in an interview.

via Science World couples with LNG – News – Squamish Chief.

It’s too bad they want to chat with people about what the BC government considers to be science and technology. This is a corruption of their duty to science. They should be ashamed of themselves. I hope the government money is worth it. To think that they can pull this off without being the government’s pawns is pathetic.

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