How You May Be Able to Be a Better Feminist

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I don’t need to add anything here. If you like/hate what you read, click the link and get up to speed on the rest of it!

White feminists: this is a call for you to get your shit together. The point of equality isn’t to claw your way to the top so that you can treat other people just as badly as white dudes have treated you — we need to elevate each other, amplify each other’s voices, and maybe let someone else tell us if we’re allowed to be on their team. Because, as per Flavia Dzodan, if your feminism is not intersectional, then I’m sorry but it’s complete bullshit.

* by “white feminism” I mean a certain demographic of white women who are straight, cis and able-bodied and view their brand of “feminism” as being better and more “real” than that of anyone else’s.

Sh*t white feminists need to stop doing |

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2 thoughts on “How You May Be Able to Be a Better Feminist”

  1. It is funny how within our media culture people take a number of interesting (and arguably important) points and instead of discussing them in an a normal manner the are intentionally caustic and inflammatory as though their only real intention is to garner attention. The article to which you linked has some really important points to make, all of which are lost behind a veil of spleen.

  2. i don’t read this piece as caustic and inflammatory at all, but intense and passionate. i think caustic, inflammatory attention-seeking are designed to primp up weak or questionable ideas, which i don’t think are in this piece.

    i see no spleen. when i hear spleen i think of ezra levant. not this piece.

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