It Turns Out That Yes, You Are an Artist

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You’re an artist; and YOU are an artist and you too are an artist…

I’m feeling like I’m in touch with Oprah here, but you are an artist.

Once I wrote a piece called the 8 Stages of Poetic Ego [scroll down for that], designed to help people see that they can be poets without passing through all the literary politics of getting published in a poetry journal. We can all be poets, even bad poets if need be.

And rappers are poets and even Celine Dion. And slam poets.

But it’s bigger than that. We can all be artists. And that’s a good thing.

And here’s a few minutes to reinforce that.

Bring your own CHAIR! 🙂

The Eight Stages of Poetic Ego

All begin with “Have the strength to . . . ”

1. Write a poem.
2. Love it as you would love your child.
3. Send it to someone who may publish it.
4. Admit to yourself that you are a writer [not merely that you “write stuff”].
5. Show/share your creation to friends and other loved ones.
6. Tell friends with confidence that you are a writer.
7. Read your poetry to others.
8. Self-publish.

– This is the order of the stages of poetic ego that I went through.  Sort of.  I skipped #3, but that’s where it would fit.
– Another’s order may differ slightly.
– Relapses to earlier stages is to be expected.
– #1-4 are almost strictly personal and #5-7 are more public, #8 is undefinable.
– Please enjoy, modify to your situation [if required] and pass it on.

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