Islamophobia: Donald Trump Reveals His Inner Hitler

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Racist. Ignorant. Clueless.

Donald Trump has just levelled up. He has acquired his Hitler badge and is proudly displaying it for all to see.

You’re fired.

Denounce the Donald. Send this to everyone; we all need to denounce him and the Republican horse he rode in on.

Donald Trump said tonight he’d implement a database system tracking all Muslims in the United States – including Americans of Muslim faith. All Muslims in the U.S. would be legally obligated to register “at different places” around the country, putting their personal tracking information into the database.

Source: Robert Reich – Donald Trump said tonight he’d implement a database…

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4 thoughts on “Islamophobia: Donald Trump Reveals His Inner Hitler”

  1. What is perhaps so puzzling is that it isn’t the right wing of the Republican Party keeping The Donald afloat, its the moderates. This of course is rather painful for Jeb Bush (as those are the votes he is after) but it makes it unlikely that Donald Trump will make it through the Primaries since these are a more partisan affair.

    Which leads to the amusing irony that if Trump loses it will be the doing of right-wing ideologues and the party elites. Which arguably are the two groups who have caused the party the most trouble in the past. They may just do the party a favour this time.

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