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How do you illuminate a continuing existence in a few short sentences, a handful of nouns and adjectives? Carved in stone: I am a mom, a Christian Lefty and animal lover who strives for social justice, loves freely, trusts quickly, laughs loudly, abhors closed minds and is easily moved to tears by both righteous anger and moments of intense joy, wonder and beauty. Anything else is either in flux or better written by Dorothy Parker. I blog, Tweet and Facebook as the spirit moves me.

News of the World, Kai Nagata & the Omnibus Crime Bill

No, this isn’t a game of “One of These Things Is Not Like the Others”, ‘though I’m sure to suffer from the catchy tune playing in a loop in my head for the next several hours.  Trust me, it’s more like a game of Tri Bond. 

If you have been off planet, embedded in an Amish community or otherwise incommunicado over the past several days [weeks, ed.], UK’s 168 year old News of the World is kaput, thanks to a phone hacking scandal of breathtaking proportions – thousands of people, from Royalty to families of soldiers killed in action to a young murder victim, were targeted – and the taint has spread to The Sun.

Fortunately, Rupert Murdoch’s huge, international media empire – News Corporation – is being examined with Continue reading News of the World, Kai Nagata & the Omnibus Crime Bill

Thoughts on a Filibuster

Can I get a “WOW”? Just look at all those women! I couldn’t stop grinning as woman after woman after woman rose and spoke. What happened to all the arrogant white dudes?  Oh, they’re posturing and questioning.  I guess someone noticed as the past few questions have been lobbed by female CPC MPs.

Aside from the feeling that I might watch CPAC more often now, and that it was rotten to schedule this vote on St. Jean Baptiste Day, here are some random thoughts:

1. The Conservatives keep stating Continue reading Thoughts on a Filibuster