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New Care Cards: The Latest #BCpoli Corruption

I’m getting quite sick of the corporate welfare corruption.

The Skytrain turnstiles financial sledghammer to kill the relatively inexpensive fly of free riders irks me. Doubly so because I think transit should be fare-free anyway.

Now there’s the latest gift to some soon-to-be thrilled corporate shareholder crew of new care cards. A boondoggle solution in search of a problem. If there’s no problem, that’s ok, just estimate the extent of a problem and you’re good to go. Unless you believe in responsible government. And unless you are as concerned as Anonymous is about your identity theft; watch their latest video below.

The new cards will cost $150 million over 3 years.

Two years ago the government estimated care card healthcare fraud cost us all a quarter of a billion dollars.

When asked for “facts”, they produced $3 million in wrongful billing.

So once again this corrupt corporate welfare-loving government is spending 50x the money it is losing to fix a problem.

Follow the money.

The government argues the new cards, which will cost $150 million over five years, will cut back on health care fraud, improve patient safety and provide British Columbians with convenient government ID.

Privacy critics warn that they represent a de facto form of what can easily be turned into a national identity card that can be used to track and control Canadians and that will make it easier for hackers to steal your private health information.

When they were announced two years ago by then health minister Mike de Jong, the cards were pitched as a solution to health care fraud. The government estimated that some $260 million a year was being lost to fraud.

That number was pure speculation, however, since they had identified just $3 million in wrongful billing and no one had been charged for several years with fraud.

Read more: http://www.vancouversun.com/news/Craig+McInnes+High+tech+care+cards+spark+privacy+concerns/7786799/story.html#ixzz2HSzAiZzD

Harper Spends $90k of Our Money/Day to Spin Us on His Cuts

The Harper government is paying consultant Deloitte Inc. almost $90,000 a day for advice on how to manage the cuts.

via Harper personally approved $22,000 tab for visiting bureaucrats – The Globe and Mail.

I am flabbergasted to read this entire article about money Harper personally signed off on to wine and dine the global elite/1% in OECD contempt-fests.

But I am more stunned by the sentence quoted above, which appeared at the very end of the piece. Despite the tens of thousands of dollars spent on single events, why in the name of all that is not-so-contemptuous and oh-so-righteous, was the article NOT about the $90,000 that our federal government is giving to corporate washing machines to spin the austerity/theft of social programs that will cover the corporate tax cuts, prisons and F35s?

I think Dean Beeby dropped the ball here.

So here’s a suggestion: email the prime minister at pm@pm.gc.ca and let him know that you don’t want him to spend $90,000/day on spin doctors to sell us cuts to our social programs. Just because HE wants to get rid of government doesn’t mean we want to.

And share your comments/tears/anger/frustration/resolutions in Twitter with the #90Kspin hashtag. And share your views with your favourite [or all] NDP leadership candidates also in Twitter.

That is all.