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Got Cancer?

9:58 am, pre-run, great fog!
9:58 am, pre-run, great fog!

Well, Terry Fox did. And millions of other people. You likely know someone who has or had cancer. Maybe you encountered it yourself and went through the #FuckCancer process.

But raising over half a billion dollars for cancer research in the last few decades is certainly worth our time.

This morning, the turnout at the Stanley Park Terry Fox Run in Vancouver seemed to be a bit off compared to sunny last year. There was fog and humidity this morning, but it was a very pleasant run.

I’ve been so inspired by the people who’ve donated to cancer research in conjunction with my participation in the run. It’s very humbling. It’s also very affirming to know how many people who respect the run and the principles it stands for.

If you haven’t already donated to cancer research this year, and are looking for an easy excuse, my online fundraising portal is still open!

And if you spend this time of year remembering those we’ve lost to cancer, those who are fighting it and those who support them, I’m with you.

Right beside you!

Lion's Gate Bridge, in the fog.
Lion’s Gate Bridge, in the fog.

And for those of you who indulge in 10k run styles, this was my second year in a row pacing myself with Hey Ocean‘s Is album. It is the perfect length for my 65-66 minute run. “Jolene” is perfectly timed to recalibrate my pace after 15 minutes or so, “Change” and “I Am A Heart” are great second wind re-energizers, and the whole thing ends with the acoustic “Big Blue Wave” right around the 65 minute mark as I cross the finish line. It’s an all-round ideal vibe.

Siwash Rock, 2013 Terry Fox Run, Stanley Park, Vancouver
Siwash Rock, 2013 Terry Fox Run, Stanley Park, Vancouver