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Christy Clark’s Next Megaproject and Elon Musk

Monday, BC Premier Christy Clark will unveil her new economic action [!] plan for the next BC megaproject sector.


Fresh from the announcements of the soon to be massively successful LNG job fair this month, the BC premier announced that Elon Musk will be a key investor in the new BC Unicorn Ranching sector.

Beaming, the premier announced that the next big thing is that Unicorn Ranching will take the Pacific Rim by storm, bringin’ a wave of prosperity like nothing we’ve ever seen, except for LNG.

Projected to bring in $1.01 trillion to BC’s economy over the next 7 generations, it will provide enough tax revenue to build fixed crossings from Steveston to both Gibsons and Sydney, as well as convert all hospitals, government fleet vehicles and private jets, and voucher schools to LNG-powered local ecosystems with sunflower green roofs.

Unicorn Ranching will provide 433,000 net new job years through to the end of the century, allowing us also to create a new graduation stream allowing the equine-inclined to leave school after grade 8 to work full time wrangling and manning new Unicorn Dude Ranches to be situated in key areas near 108 Mile Ranch and Vanderhoof.

Elon Musk may be a key investor.

First Nations consultations will occur at the beginning of the next decade. 2017 Throne Speech talking points are already being developed and Elon Musk, who does ride horses, may have heard of this plan; at least his people have been emailed.


Science World Ignores Climate Science

... Science World LNG seminars in Squamish Dec. 17. Photo by ChristineWell, why would you support something called Science World when it participates in a program to brainwash students into supporting the liquid natural gas industry, despite the science indicating how harmful it is to the world.

Climate change deniers deny science.

The BC government pretends to care about climate change but is roaring ahead with oil, gas, coal, pipelines and tankers. Pure hypocrisy. They think we’re stupid.

Science World, by joining in with the BC government pimping LNG to kids, has joined the wrong team.

Why would you go to a Science World that rejects the sociopolitical implications of climate science?

Don’t renew your membership. We’re not. That’s a boycott, folks! The first called of 2015.

Scroll down to read Science World’s rationalization for why they’re compromising their credibility so harshly. Prepare to facepalm.

By participating in these community seminars with Science World, the B.C. government is trying to sell the idea of the LNG industry to youth – I only wish they would teach young folks about the science of LNG’s environmental and climate impacts to the same degree.”

via Environmental groups demand an end to B.C. government – Science World partnership on LNG | The Council of Canadians.

“When the government first approached us, we debated long and hard about the reputation we do enjoy and would it be in danger at all through this participation, and clearly that is one of the possibilities, however on the other hand, the obligation we believe we have to chat with residents of B.C. about science and technology overcomes that,” Bryan Tisdall, Science World president and CEO, said in an interview.

via Science World couples with LNG – News – Squamish Chief.

It’s too bad they want to chat with people about what the BC government considers to be science and technology. This is a corruption of their duty to science. They should be ashamed of themselves. I hope the government money is worth it. To think that they can pull this off without being the government’s pawns is pathetic.

The Big LNG Tax Regime Vomit Bucket

Cue sweet new day[tm] political campaign music, invoking images of a unicorn flying over our quaint village, then Robert Redford in voiceover:

“LNG will be a $ trillion sector, reaping billions in revenue for the province [due to some kind of gruelling tax regime] so we can become debt-free, and pay for the best public services in the solar system, and bring trade junkets to the Golden Temple of Amritsar thrice yearly!”

Cue Law and Order “Bum Bum” loop:

After months of delays, release the actual tax rates. [Place face in palm, in advance.]

  1. It will never be over 7%, because, shut up.
  2. It will be 1.5% until LNG plant startup costs are paid off; and if the company is any good, it will delay that break even for about 76 years.
  3. Once the mythical startup costs are recouped, taxes rocket up to 3.5%.
  4. Then they hit the stratosphere of 5%, after 23 years!
  5. But wait, there’s more!
  6. Sneak in a special 3% tax credit, making the gruelling tax regime look like this: -1.5% for a really long time, then +0.5%, then +2% in 23 years. But maybe the math is a bit off because it’s so hard working with numbers that are so small.
  7. Money shot.

Begin slow clap.

Reducing the taxes to compete with other producing jurisdictions is called the race to the bottom. But the spin doctors call it:

A necessary response to changing market conditions

via Smyth: Turns out the LNG bonanza promised by the Liberals won’t be as spectacular.

Then, stick the spin doctors in a room with a case of Red Bull and a Bellini machine to produce the winning defensive attack:

Suggest with your crafty rhetoric that opposing the LNG tax regime is like killing babies.

De Jong suggested the New Democrats would have strangled the LNG baby in its cradle if they had won the election.

via Smyth: Turns out the LNG bonanza promised by the Liberals won’t be as spectacular.

It’s Miller Time.