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Ashley Madison Is Not Nearly So Black and White

The Ashley Madison hack is bad news for cheaters—and just as terrible for everyone else – By Harris O’Malley

It’s like the royal family: glamorize them so we can bash them down to earth.

A bit of a mindfuck.

If Ashley Madison were a straight infidelity website among heterosexual couples in a world of simple heterosex, then yes, let’s judge all these people. Because we love to judge.

But if you’re interested to see what kind of other people use[d] Ashley Madison for arguably not so black-and-white sinful reasons, you may realize that quite a few people are getting hosed here.

But Harris O’Malley said it better.

If you can read this piece and still remain steadfast in black-and-white judgement, then you should explain how that works for you in the comment section below.

As always, inane commentary is nuked. 🙂


How to Not Commit a Sex Crime

You participate in a sex crime if you search for or look at revenge porn.

It is really that simple.

A Richmond, B.C., woman hopes her story of having nude photos leaked online will foster laws to protect women against cyberbullying.

Anisa Salmi was working at her desk when she got the call from a friend: Did you see what was posted about you online?

When the 27-year-old typed her name into Google she saw intimate photos of her posted online on The Dirty, a U.S. website known to feature photos of men and women and comments about them.

“It was horrifying. I just felt like my life was over,” said Salmi. “I felt violated.”

She would have liked to pursue the matter in civil court, but the lawyers she spoke with told her it would cost up to $30,000.

Salmi says she’s gotten a lot of support from other women since she posted her open letter online.

“A lot of my friends came up to me and said they were put in the same position,” she said.

She says she identifies with the plight of actor Jennifer Lawrence who recently spoke out against the unauthorized online sharing of photos of her and of other celebrities that were stolen off servers, calling it a “sex crime.”

“As a woman I understand how vulnerable and how horrifying it feels to have your private life on display and for people to judge you and shame you for it,” Anisa said.

Anisa Salmi speaks out after nude photos leaked online – British Columbia – CBC News.