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Protest Vancouver Police Brutality, 2014 Edition

How many times do you think you deserve to be kneed in the back while you’re already subdued by police on the sidewalk, face-down?

Vancouver Police gratuitous brutality from May 1, 2014.



Does it make any difference if you’re a minor? Or if you were documenting police actions at a May Day march?

Well, while many of us were on The Drive Thursday night doing some May Day things and rebooting Occupy Vancouver, others were downtown. And one person was being gratuitously beaten by a VPD member.

Various video links exist here, which also happens to be the planning page for a protest against VPD violence tomorrow night at 7pm at the police station, with a march up the hill to city hall.

Stunningly, corporate media has run something about this. Mind you, they did frame the video footage by saying that video rarely tells the whole story. If you examine the various clips linked above, you’ll see far more than the several seconds that Global corporate media chose to show, before suggesting that there is more context. Idiocy. But we know that corporate de-/re-contextualizes reality for us all the time. That’s actually why Politics, Re-Spun exists.

Global also missed an opportunity to report on the unedited, raw footage of the incident that was online here.

So what are you doing tomorrow night at 7pm? Do you believe people should be able to protest, or take pictures in public or [yikes!] even just BE in public without fear of the police pinning you to the ground, kneeing you in the back and breaking your arm?

Do you think protest is your right as a citizen without the chill factor of wondering if the police will beat you for no good reason?

If so, Tuesday, 7pm is when you should join this protest at the police station, before it marches to city hall.