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Occupy Vancouver Will Meet Again at 6:15pm on May 1

Whatever that looks like!

It’s Earth Day. Let’s honour our ecology by rebooting Occupy Vancouver on May Day!

At first, I put out a call to see who wants to have a meeting to discuss connecting a rebooted Occupy Vancouver with the worldwide #WaveOfAction that started on April 4 and extends [at least] to July 4.

We call these things General Assemblies. There may or may no be jazz hands deployed.

The 1% have had us scattered and disorganized, but even the rulers of the world, the World Economic Forum [WEF], have acknowledged the Occupy agenda is valid and what we’ve identified as risks to society, the WEF has adopted.

I just know that none of us want THOSE PEOPLE trying to solve these problems since, frankly, they are the ones who created them. And I have a suspicion that their solutions will look more like a Kafka or Huxley or Orwell novel than we’re interested in.

So I think it’s time to meet. Here are the details:

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