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Tonight’s the night many of us have been waiting for – whether it be because we trudged to a poll today, stood in line with credit card bills, drivers licenses, and other sundry pieces of identification, were handed a ballot, and promptly marked a little “x” next to the least offensive candidate, and now the results come in, or because we may be able to go to sleep early and wake up tomorrow and see if anything has changed.

Either way – or more – PoliticsRespun.org is bringing you an election night liveblog.  We have contributors spread across the country – from the Atlantic Provinces, to BC transplants in Toronto, to real, live BC folks all ready to contribute their thoughts to the evening.  Alex and I are just back from Montréal, where we witnessed the “orange crush” first hand, with a preponderance of NDP signs, people voting NDP who have never thought of it before, and even poor Gilles Duceppe apparently in a touch of a fight for his own riding.

Our liveblog may be sporadic at times, with updates rolling in occasionally, and as we figure out what to do about the ban of publishing results before the polls close in BC.  Two of us may wander over to the NDP victory party at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, if we can find it.  Regardless, stick with PoliticsRespun.org for potentially irreverent coverage of what may be democracy, perhaps inaction.


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Kevin is a cooperator, an always-student, and passionate about the arts. As a principal of the Incipe Cooperative, Kevin works with colleagues in a workers' co-op offering services for advocacy and nonprofit organizations. He's passionate about education policy, having been through twenty some-odd years of schooling and still thinking it changes the world. He also thinks that art changes the world, and he works with Art for Impact to celebrate art's power for social change. A Vancouver born and raised resident who is exiled from Toronto, he constantly loses umbrellas and probably rants too much.

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3 thoughts on “PoliticsRespun.org Election Night Liveblog, maybe”

  1. some of us are lucky and get to vote for our actual preferred candidate!

    personally i’m against tweeting of results before 7pm Vancouver time!

    let democracy be democracy. plus when i think about it, if the media aren’t reporting anything until 7pm vancouver time, the only data coming out to be reported would be, i guess, from returning offices? so probably not much to get out? maybe?

    and really, polls close in NL in 62 minutes, so this law only applies from 62 from now to 5.5 hours from now when BC polls close.

  2. ok, panelists’ seat count guesses:

    stephen: CPC 135, NDP 90, LPC 60, Bloc 23

    kevin: n=308 [nice one]

    julie: CPC 135, NDP 98, LP 58, BL 16 and GR 1.

    jasmin: rejects the premise, throws me under the bus.

    more to come…

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